Tattoo Care


Here are a few things you need to know in order to prepare yourself for your tattoo appointment:
  • Get a good night sleep the night before your tattoo so please don’t drink or party the night before.
  • Have a big breakfast before your appointment Drink plenty of water and feel free to bring treats (lollies or chocolates) and lunch, shops are in walking distance if not.
  • Wear comfortable clothes. Feel free to bring laptops or tablets (with headphones) or anything that will make the day easier for you. Pillows or blankets (within reason) are also welcomed.
  • Please shave the area you are getting tattooed this saves time and makes Chris’s life easier.
  • Make sure you have the right amount of money in cash on the day.
  • Please come alone to your appointment as it is a small shop and it will only distract Chris and the other artists. Any additional persons will be asked to leave.


The correct aftercare for your tattoo is EXTREMELY important.  Please familiarise yourself with the following aftercare methods prior to getting your tattoo.
  • Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
  • When you get home, remove the bandage 2-3 hours after getting your tattoo.
  • Wash your tattoo with anti-bacterial liquid soap.  Be gentle and use your hands only. Do not use a washcloth or anything that may exfoliate your tattoo.
  • Gently pat your tattoo dry with a clean cloth or paper towel.  Do not rub your tattoo or use a fabric with a rough surface.
  • During the first 3-4 days rub a small amount of ointment or tattoo aftercare balm on your tattoo 3-4 times a day to keep it moist.  Always use clean hands.
  • On the first night, you may want to wrap your tattoo in glad wrap to prevent it sticking to your bedding.
  • On the 3rd or 4th day your tattoo will begin to peel.  This is normal.  Do not pick at the skin.  Begin using a mild, white, unscented lotion free of dyes or perfumes.
  • Use lotions for a minimum of 2 weeks, applying 2 -3 times daily.


  • Do not pick, scratch, peel, slap, rub or irritate your tattoo.
  • Do not expose your tattoo to sun for at least 3 weeks.  Beyond 3 weeks ensure that you always use sunscreen.
  • Stay out of pools, saunas and avoid the beach.  Do not go swimming or soak in a hot tub
If you do not take proper care of your tattoo it may become infected or damaged.  Infections will become red around the outside of the tattoo and may have thin red lines that extend from the tattoo.  It may ooze pus or bleed abnormally.  If you think your tattoo has become infected seek IMMEDIATE medical attention. Thank you, Chris Pengilly.